Rumble Nation Circle Shaped Key Fob




What do you get when you are a part of a great Facebook group and a guy with passion??

COOL Custom Products

I am happy to offer to you these very special “RUMBLE NATION” Key Fob’s

Made from leather these fobs are hand dyed by me personally and also laser engraved individually. I apply a sealer after all is said and done to help protect the leather and finish from wear.

These things are truly one of a kind!

Show your support for the Rumble Nation by ordering 1 or 5 today!



Objects in pictures may or may not be the same colour/hue/darkness or lightness. Since these are hand dyed each one will be different in depth of colour. Normal wear and tear will happen over time. Backs of fobs remain untreated.

I am not responsible for anything ordered regular mail. If you do not receive it please let me know and we can work something out.


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