Custom Engraving Style On Knob


    • Price: $25.00 Quantity:
      When checking out please tell me your shift pattern!
    • Price: $25.00 Quantity:
      You will need to send me a picture of what you are after. If I can't do it I will contact you to discuss! Send File to: [email protected]
    • Price: $45.00 Quantity:
      Choose this if you want both! You will save a few bucks. Put request in the comments when checking out though!! Send File to: [email protected]
    • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
      This is done by hand. Normal wear and tear will happen as with anything. Wearing jewelry can cause the paint to chip or fade faster. Wrinkle Knobs cannot be colour filled.
    • Not all knobs can be engraved. Some powder coat colours pose a problem. Due to the large amount of colours available I may not know if that colour can be done. Please email me to discuss!