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2011-2013 Scion tC Climate Control Knobs




Well the time has finally come that these control knobs are going to be made available to the Scion tC market!

I am please to present to you a new item hand crafted by me, Zenon Matusiak!

These control knobs are individually made, manually on a lathe without a CNC machine. What that means is all measurements, cutting, trimming and fine tuning is all done by hand and measuring instruments.

If you are looking for a custom created item that is truly hand crafted these are just for you!


Designed to fit over top of your stock knobs, these knobs are slightly wider than stock. Due to the weird shape of the Scion stock knobs and the cheaply built clips that hold the stock ones in place I designed this to be held in place with the assistance of some tape around the stock knob or on the inside of these rings. This has worked flawlessly for the past 3 weeks of testing and I wouldn’t design them any different, for the tC that is.


More Info To Follow!!!!!