Alright everyone, I know you have all been asking so here are the details on sponsorship.


I do not give away free products. I am a small business with huge startup costs and monthly bills that are increasing rather than decreasing and cannot afford to just give away free stuff. Let me make that very clear to start off.

I am however offering a pretty decent incentive program to the ones I choose who are interested in my program.

I have cards made up that I will send to you where at the bottom you will make your own coupon code. You will write the code that you and I agree to on the cards and those will be yours to give away and promote my company and get interest and people purchasing any of my products.

The cards will offer the individuals 5% off their order if they use the code that you have written on the bottom. I cannot track the people who do not use your specific code so make sure they use the code.

With every code used you will gain a discussed $ amount in store credit it which you can use to purchase anything I make and sell.

This credit will be up to the $ amount in cards I send you. Once you have reached a waiting period for the cards to be used I will tally up the amount and then you will have your choice of items based on the final $ amount you have accrued. 

If you are interested hit me up by using my contact form.

Make your email to me inspiring, get me interested in your car and your vision. Wow me!!




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