How I Make Your Items

Hey Everyone,


I thought I would make a posting on how your items are processed when you contact me through email or Messenger on Facebook and Instagram.

With how my business is growing it is hard for one person to stay up to date on all the inquiries. That is right, I am the only one that works at my company, pretty cool eh?

So here’s the thing. When you contact me and we discuss making a part, your item immediately goes inline on my table. However the catch is the more orders I receive where customers have paid your item will go behind them in the line.

This is done because to me this is fair. If you are in a rush for your item then we can agree on a price and you are more than welcome to pay and it’ll go in the line and won’t get bumped.

If for whatever reason I cannot make the item because of how custom it is or the vehicle you want it for I haven’t done yet and can’t figure it out or for any other reasons, I will gladly refund your money as soon as we talk.

I have to express to you all that I want to make you happy, I want to provide items to you that I may not have yet and I want to produce something for you that not only I can be proud of but so can you! 

Please understands why things can take a few weeks to even a few months to make, design and prototype. One man, all manually, by hand and totally custom. You don’t find custom manufactures like myself often and because of that things can take longer than anticipated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!





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