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It is with a heavy heart that I write this today. After being part of this restoration process for over 3 years my car is back in my possession. The car has been through so much, yet nothing much has been done to it. It was totally gutted by me, sent to the body shop to be striped down, have some body work done and to be repainted a beautiful red. Well, yeah that didn’t happen. After apparently 2 evictions from 2 different shops over the past six month I find out my car was not where it once was.

After suffering the tragic loss of my father in 2012 I felt the need to restore his first ever brand new bought car. This led to the purchase of a donor car (read here) in 2013 and sending it off to the body shop in late 2014. In 2015 I suffered a freak accident which lead to a ruptured bicep. After having it surgically repaired I spent the next year rehabbing, rebuilding and recovering from the injury. After that I tried getting back in touch with the shop. I spent the following year trying to track down the owner, calling him and also sending numerous texts with little response and offering on his end. I also went up to the shop numerous times and he was never there. No movement, nothing.

During the rehab I should mention that all payments for the car progress were still made and I did not just disappear off the radar from the body shop owner. We had, I thought, a great relationship.

While I am to blame for not being on his ass for much of the restoration process over this past year I still wholeheartedly believe that you do not treat someone’s property in the manner in which mine was treated.

For whatever reason my car has been left to rot, outside in a field in the middle of nowhere 50 mins east of Oshawa Ontario Canada. I recently received a voicemail from some guy I didn’t know asking about my LeMans. The land owner called me up after attaining my info from the MTO. Talking to him briefly he let me know the situation and I knew I better get over to his location to see the car.

I drove to his location to a scene out of a horror film. As I walked around the corner of an out building I could see my car just rusting away. The initial shock sent me back and the stress levels were nearly unbearable. Car parts crammed into the car, surface rust everywhere, body rust that didn’t exist before was growing and just the lack of respect for someones property was nonexistent. The car has apparently been sitting outside a minimum of 5 weeks at least based on the landowners word. It was brought up there after eviction one and was left outside in the elements . Disgusting.



My car is dead, I feel dead but even more strangely I feel like I let down my father in every single way imaginable, and that is a feeling I cannot shake.

I have paid the individual responsible for this restoration a large sum of money only to receive this job and I am dumbfounded. My current financial situation is preventing me from doing much of anything with it and I am frustrated.

This car needs to be saved, this car deserves it and I deserve it. Since this build was in memory of my father I have no choice but to make it happen in any way I can.

That is where each one of you, my followers come in. I am not the type of person to ask for charity or to even receive it, that is not me. However, I do have my little shift knob business and make a few bucks with each sale, so raising shift knob sales a bit would help me out SO much!

Please, I can’t stress enough if you are at all in the market for a knob/ebrake button please reach out to me! Tell your friends and other car lovers about my business, pass this post along and let them know the story and why I need to raise the money to help save this car!

I will be writing another blog about what this car means to myself and also my father very soon. When you read that blog you will totally understand just why this needs to be done.

Subaru, Toyota, Scion  are my areas of expertise shift knob and ebrake button wise, however I do make them for many other platforms so PLEASE PLEASE share.

I thank each one of my past customers and also any new ones for the support. Anything raised will help me with this situation, no matter how large or small of a contribution. I will forever be grateful for any contribution at all!

Cars are special to some, and for those few they are part of our lives. Owning, restoring, modding or simply appreciating a car is a special and unique bond that many of us all can share with each other.  Whether you are a true car nut or simply a kind human being I am sure you can feel just how much pain I feel each time I look at the picture above. This is not right, but it will be restored! I promise you…….  

Thank you and drive safe my friends!



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After receiving many emails and messages suggesting to make a Go Fund Me Page, I thought this might be a more proper approach.


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