The Art Of The Hand Written Note

As many of you may or may not know each and every order that is shipped by me comes with a hand written “Thank You” note.

This was something that I started from day one when A Car Guys Garage was founded back in July 2016.

I always felt that having a personal connection with my customers was going to be an important goal of mine, however, I also felt that letting my customers know how important they were,  to not only my business,  but to me on a personal level, was also important. This is where I came up with the idea of a personalized “Hand Written” note.

Now, I should warn you,  I should have been a doctor with my chicken scratch however, I feel that writing these are not only special for me but also for my customers. Anyone can write something general, send it to a printer and print off 100’s or 1000’s of copies and send them out with each package, however here at ACARGUYSGARAGE I am not just anyone.

The backbone of my company is you, my customer. The amazing thing about my business that you may not know is that it is honestly a ONE MAN SHOW. For those un aware I use a manual lathe, cut each piece myself, I manually trim them on the lathe without the help of CNC machining, polish them by hand, powder coat them in my own spray booth which I built, package them at my kitchen table and mail them personally. That’s right. I do everything. 

Even with all that work I still felt that creating a personal touch is important and thus the HAND WRITTEN NOTE evolved. With the amount of money you are spending on my products, I wholeheartedly wanted to express my gratitude on a level that many other companies  do not. Taking the time to write each note, by hand, one at a time, I feel that this right here just goes to show how much I truly appreciate and care for each one of you and your item.

This business was started because I was sick and tired of paying ridiculous prices for items that were mass produced, marked up 100’s of percentages and didn’t come with any personal connection between the company and myself, the purchaser. In this day of age that is very important to me.

As I continue to grow, evolve as a small business and progress in the automotive manufacturing world, my philosophy will never change. The connection with my customers and the personal level of caring will always be at the forefront of my company. From now and until the end the hand written notes will continue to go out and I will never stop them…..Ever! 

I am always thinking of newer and more personal ways to thank my customers and will be rolling out another way of saying “thank you” in the coming months. If you want to experience what others already have,  all you have to do is purchase a custom piece from my Fab Shop!

Thank you everyone and enjoy modding while you still can!


– Zenon





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