#2jztc and business update

Well I thought it might be good to throw an update at all of you on the build.

Project #2jztc is coming along slowly as you all could imagine. I am in the works of picking up an r154 transmission and also a bell housing. Finding this has been pretty challenging especially at a decent price. Who would have thought I’d be dropping 2k+ for a transmission?!

The car sits in a few hundred pieces. Doors are off, trunk lid gone, front bumper, fenders and hood off as well. Motor is out and all unnecessary mounts in the engine bay are gone.

The entire front and rear suspension is out of the car. The sub frames are still there with minimal other parts. Brakes, hubs, axles, struts, shocks, you name it, all gone!

Interior is a mess. Cables are everywhere as they are such a pain in the ass. Front seats, carpet, dash, blower motor and  heater core/condenser unit gone. It’s an absolutely shit show in there.

I’ve got some mixed crap lying on the ground that needs organizing however I am finding it hard to stay on track with all the orders, house work, life and my real job. It is definitely becoming a very well deserved and eye opinion experience and learning process.

I can’t stress to you all that this project is something HUGE! I am doing my best to make this happen and without all the support and purchases I would not be able to do this at all! So I thank you for that. Keep the orders coming in and show your support!!!!

Over the next few weeks these are my plans

1 – Clean up all the junk on the ground and organize it. This is important, I can’t tell you all enough. Make sure you don’t slack like I have!!!


2 –  Document with more pictures for Instagram, Facebook and also the website.


3 – Wash the front end down and clean it up. It’s a dusty mess.


4 – Start filming a few things for my YouTube channel. 


I should mention that with all the orders I have had to build a new and improved paint booth. I have unfortunately been struggling with the dust in the shop so I built an enclosed unit in my basement to minimize the dust. I have installed a 170 sq ft Hepa filter system to help as well. I am now running 2 guns and 2 separate compressors so I don’t have to swap during 2 stage powdering. It was a bit expensive but so far 16 out of 19 knobs have not needed redoing, which is a huge time saver!!

This entire business, with the car included, has been a challenge and a great learning opportunity. I am very grateful to have had the chance to do this and I continue to look forward to the future. I am still in the works to get an engraver. I think this will improve my business 100% and will add another touch that is definitely needed and very much wanted.

Stay tuned everyone. Things are going to start moving and before you know it that motor is going to be in the car RUNNING!!

Dream big but start small. That is my motto.

I will succeed, You just wait and see!!




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