Project of my life

I have been receiving a lot of support but also a fair share of discouragement for the #2jztc project I am going to be tackling next year.


For the most part, people are excited and also very curious as to how this is going to work, guess what, SO AM I!


For those that are telling me it won’t work, it’s impossible, it’s not going to happen, it is a waste of money etc I thank you for your input, really I do. What you may not know though is that I didn’t just wake up one day and purchase the motor in hopes that it will fit/work.


I spent hours researching the type of motor I would like and also weighed my options on the car I wanted to build. Yeah that is right I put some thought into this.


Realistically I want a TT Supra, I have never downplayed that, ever. However, with the increasing cost of them, along with the fact that they will run anywhere for 15-30k for a 23-year-old car, I want a car that I would still be able to tear down and rebuild while also modifying it in my own way. That’s when I figured I should look at building something a little newer, something that hasn’t been attempted but most importantly something even more special. That is where the tC comes in.


When Scion redesigned the tC in 20011 I fell in love with it. It was sporty looking, sharp and had an aggressive style that many cars just don’t have today. For years I wanted the RS7 Scion tC and thankfully I was able to purchase one last year and have been nothing short of happy as an owner ever since.


Let me get one thing straight, when I bought the tC I bought it solely on the looks of the vehicle, not the power. Reliability and drive quality was also important, however, the looks were the biggest part. I knew the car was not fast, had low hp but knew it was going to be a great, reliable, daily driver and it would be that all while looking great, which is exactly what I needed at the time.


At the time of purchase, that was all that was on my mind. But as my luck would have it a few months in of owning it I began having ideas about maybe building the car up or buying another. I went through phases of either turbo, engine swap, get a project car even building a car. I looked at Supra’s, Evo’s, Sti’s and other older mid 90’s model cars but never pulled the trigger. It wasn’t a money thing it was me being happy with the choice, being confident with sinking money into something I like, appreciate but most importantly LOVE.


Yes, it would be easier, cheaper, smarter to go get something BUILT with power, but there is a void in my life that needs filling. Built not bought means more than slapping tires and rims on a car to me. So after hours of discussion with myself (yes I talk to myself) with my wife and even friends, I quietly made the decision to think outside the box. Do something that has never been done before, something that would get the car world talking. I began researching every aspect of building a hotrod tC. Essentially that is what this build is at the end of the day. This car has no business having a 300+ horsepower motor in it yet alone a 2jz gte. This car was never meant to be rear wheel drive. This car was never meant to be fast. That is where Toyota/Scion dropped the ball with this car but most importantly the Scion brand. Sorry guys, you did.


There was so much excitement with the Scion brand in the beginning. While it started out great it seemed to fizzle away just as quick. Other manufacturers were coming out with faster cars, cars with a wide variety of aftermarket support, cars that had tons of potential and Scion simply missed the boat. Maybe their demise can be attributed a little to the fact they didn’t provide the market with a vehicle people wanted to have. All they did was create vehicles people should have.


So to sum it up I kind of feel like I am doing something Toyota/Scion should have done from the beginning. Build a car that has power, reliability and potential while appealing to the younger and middle-aged crowd. I want to build the tC how I feel it should have been built. Not how some engineer behind a desk thought it should be built. While I say that I should mention that Scion did one thing right though, they nailed the style of the car right on the head! Now it’s up to individuals like me to give it the heart the car righteously deserves.


When you combine style, uniqueness and power all into one you create something special and that is my ultimate goal with this build.


I don’t want something that other people have; I don’t want something that has been done before. I want to be different. I want to have something with my own style and flare but most importantly something that I can be proud of.


I’m not saying that owning the same car, doing similar mods or similar builds is a bad thing, not exciting or enjoyable. If that is what you take from this then I feel sorry for you.


All I am saying is that for me, Zenon Matusiak, I would like to challenge myself in a different way. I want to create something with my own hands. Try something that very few will ever attempt. Do something that only a few can do. In the end, while I do hope to succeed, all I would really like to do is learn, and what better way to learn than to attempt a project such as this.


Over the next few months or even years,  I will teach myself a plethora of skills in a wide range of areas that I have little knowledge of or none at all. My knowledge will increase as my bank account decreases, but in the end something special will come out of it all. When the grinding wheels stop, the sparks finish flying, all the welds cool down, the paint dries and the car comes off the jacks I will be not only a better fabricator and designer but ultimately a better person.

You can’t succeed unless you try!


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