Car Guy or Not?

What makes a car guy?


You know there are many people out there that believe that just by owning a car you are now a car enthusiast. While they may believe in that I just don’t. It takes much more than saving up your pennies and going to a dealership, used car lot or private seller and purchasing a fancy, fast or modified car. Being a Car Guy is much more. It has to be doesn’t it?


Growing up I was always surrounded by car knowledge. My dad used to point out cars all the time. Without even knowing it, he was also teaching me more about them. You see, with each car that we would pass he would rhyme off the year, make and model like it was nothing. It was like knowing a whole other language. A language that many others just didn’t know. It was AMAZING.


Now there is more than just knowing about the model or year of a car that makes you a Car Guy, however this is a great starting point to becoming one.


Like anything else there is much more to cars than knowing where to put the key to start it or where to put the gas so you can drive it. There is the knowledge on how to diagnose problems, fix those problems and even how to prevent problems. Having the knowledge to do those things combined with your passion and the thrill of driving is what makes us so special. That is what makes us Car Guys.


I firmly believe that everybody who drives a car should know some of the most basic things about them. How to change a tire, check your oil, fill up your fluids and even how to replace air filters. These are just a few of the most basic skills a person who drives should know, however, sadly, most don’t.


Driving is a privilege and not a right and the sooner that everyone understands that and appreciates that the better off the world will be. Now I am not ragging on you if you don’t have these basic skills or if you don’t share the same passion as many others do, all I am trying to point out is that this hobby, this love for cars, this passion is bigger than you may think or know. Learning, trying, even failing is what makes each one of us Car Guys unique and special.


Being able to fix something that was broken, take something that was good and making it better or just simply taking something apart and putting it back together so you can learn how it functions is what separates us from the others. Car Guys are a different breed. We enjoy getting our hands dirty and tearing things apart. The smell of oil and gas keeps us motivated and the grease on our hands says we aren’t afraid to get dirty. Young or old, new or experienced, the bond that we share with each other and our cars is sacred. Being a Car Guy is something that is earned. It is not something that can simply be bought.


Share your passion with others and keep the dream alive. Do things that are creative and ground breaking, things that others wouldn’t do. Listen to the haters and show them they were wrong. Use their negativity towards your project as motivation and inspiration. After all you are a Car Guy. You are building this project with your own bare hands. You are building what so many others just go out and buy. Money didn’t buy your car, your knowledge, drive and ambition BUILT IT.



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