Costly Mistake

So I know I don’t post much around here lately. Well guess why? Its been winter here for the past few months.

So yesterday I was out taking some scrap to the metal yard and finally after a few months of noticing the wheel hub bearing going on my 2005 Vue it finally gave out and was just making a huge racket. A repair was due and so I had to bite the bullet.

I already had the part to fix it and had the time all I needed was good weather and man did we have some today. So I got my shit together and went to work.












The initial repair was the bearing and that was it. I started tearing the front end apart like a mad man. One piece at a time with what seemed like every tool in my tool kit on the ground. Just as I was getting the spindle out I Snapped the damn tie rod bolt right off. FUCK!!!


IMG_20160317_111117 IMG_20160317_111136









This was not part of the plan I assure you. So I then decided well the boot is also fucked now on the ball joint I’ll just drill the damn thing out and get a new one as well……This was actually pretty easy and with a little muscle and a hammer out she came.

















Off to the parts store I went…..Hopped in the tC and booted down to the shop to pick up some new parts. Nothing but the best for this repair MOOG.




Couldn’t wait to get home and put them in. Now the pain in the ass part was snapping the old tie rod off and that took some work. Most of my time was put into that. However, I succeed and got the new tie rod and new ball joint all bolted and tightened on the car in no time.


IMG_20160317_173858 IMG_20160317_173745










Finally I was at the part of getting the wheel hub bearing in. That was what I started out doing here. With the spindle all cleaned and ready to go I put the new bearing in and torqued everything down and got her back on the car.


IMG_20160317_173920 IMG_20160317_174308


After reinstalling all the necessary parts and checking over everything I greased the nipples (yeah hahahaha) and that is where I left it. I will throw the tire on tomorrow and re-tighten the spindle nut and take her out for a test drive. If I did everything right then she will be good to go, if I didn’t well then I guess we will have another blog about that now won’t we????




All in all this was an easy job and took around 3 hrs and saved me around $250-$300 bucks.

You know sometimes being able to do a little hard labour is a good thing. There really isn’t much I am afraid to tackle and well with this experience, I can use what I learnt and put it towards my next project.

Hopefully though the next one won’t be on this car……..SMH……

Enjoy Life and Drive Safe!!!



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