Purchasing the Donor!!


So I thought I would let the world in on the LeMans project that started probably way back in the early 90’s.


As sad or strange or weird it may be it took the death of my father to finally push me in the right direction. I searched for almost a year after his death and finally found a great donor car not to far from home.


With a a $3000 dollar budget to buy the car, rent a trailer, rent a truck, pay the taxes and fill up on gas the journey came to on November 15th 2013. With my wife Carissa and my brother Nicholas we set out to Cheektowaga New York.


Here is the video (hidden in storage for years) that I would like to share with everyone. Loading this pig was a pain in the ass. The right rear tire was locked, drum was seized, and we couldn’t get it to break apart so I dragged the car onto the trailer.


I would like to point out I have never driven such a large truck and or pulled a car trailer with or without a car EVER. This was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!


So why is the LeMans such an important vehicle to me? Well you know what you will have to stay tuned and check back often to read up about it!!!!!!!


Enjoy the video and remember,


Dreams Do Come True!

Shout out to Nicholas and Carissa, this was a truly great and memorable day!!!!



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