Not My Luck

Well folks, I introduce you to the man with no luck.


As of today I am a nice $2850 poorer than I was mere hours ago. As luck would have it the transmission in the Saturn Vue needs a rebuild. Well I shouldn’t say needs but it is getting rebuilt. As I progress in building a car, whichever one it may be, I need to make sure I have a reliable vehicle while the build is going on. That is why I have chosen to rebuild the transmission in the Vue. There are some underlining issues that “May” or “May Not” eventually break so I am rolling the dice and hoping that this small investment will pay off in the long run.


Cars are funny this way. It was suggested to me to either repair it or leave it. After at least 7 years of this issue annoyingly hanging around I figure that maybe just maybe that LUCK could be running out. Yes, I know I said I am the man with no luck and that still holds true. 7 years ago this car wasn’t mine, 7 years ago my father was still alive, 7 years ago………fuck it it doesn’t matter. This is now my headache. Figures though, I buy myself 2 new cars, give my mom one of them and inherit my parents older car and this shit happens. Its all good though, no worries on my end. All this is going to do is put my dreams on hold yet again.


Turbo tC 2017……………………..






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