Just Where Am I Going?

So I recently laid out my intentions on a possible Turbo Build tC. While I have not given up on this journey I am currently dealt with a scenario of having a daily driver that will be reliable as I build the car. So where is this daily driver coming from? Well I’m glad you have asked.


After recently purchasing a newer 2012 Scion xB which was going to be my winter/daily driver I ended up giving it to my mother. The hassle of keeping up with an aging vehicle on her end was becoming too much and I accepted the responsibility of the 2005 Saturn Vue that my parents had.


With little things popping up occasionally, I found myself able to cope with them easier if I had the vehicle than if my mom had the vehicle. A/c not blowing cold enough, brakes making weird sounds, transmission making a weird noise every now and again the list can go on. This has now become my winter BEATER if you will and possibly the daily driver that I have been searching for.


So this coming Monday December 21st the car will go to a transmission shop and get sorted out. Fingers crossed that all comes back in good shape and a small fee for fluid and filter replacement will all it needs to keep running strong for years to come. If and that’s a BIG IF the car is good to go, making my decision for the turbo tC will be much easier. Not only will I have once again gotten a daily driver and winter vehicle it will also put my mind at ease knowing that the car is reliable and in good health for the coming years of its life.


I can deal with replacing brakes,  a wheel hub bearing even a ball joint or two however a transmission is thousands of dollars and that is not something that I would like to deal with.


I will keep everyone posted on the outcome. As of right now though I am crossing all my fingers and toes and am really wishing for no issues coming out of this service call on the vehicle.


The one thing we never have at the same time seems to be Time and Money. When you seem to have time you don’t have money and vise versa.


I will leave you with this:


If the Vues transmission is in good running order I will have the MONEY for the parts for the turbo tC.


And if I have the money for the parts for the turbo tC I will most definitely find the TIME to build this legendary Turbo tC I have been talking about.


Weather is great where I am today, so get out there and enjoy it. Windows down, sunroof open……….


Enjoying every minute of it!!!!





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