Turbo tC Build

Here is my current list for the turbo upgrade for the Scion tC…….If all goes as planned I’ll be boosted by 2017. 325 whp is well within this motors capability.


I have always had a love for cars and with the tC I am considering taking it to the next level. Here is one option I have. Some people buy HP I would love to build it. With the new STI’s, Focus RS coming and the MazdaSpeed 3 you will for roughly the same price as this wish list of parts + the cost of a new tC be able get yourself a 325-350 hp vehicle.


But where is the fun in that?


If you want to learn and be proud of something I figure do it yourself whats the worst that could happen? Learn something?? Oh oh. That’s just my opinion though.


Cars are an expensive hobby but can also be fulfilling.


At the end of the day no matter what car you buy or have or improve upon it will be yours and you should be proud of it. At the same time you don’t see many RS 7.0 Scion tC’s so I would have a very unique and 1 off car!!!!


Enjoy the ride. get out there and roll your windows down and listen to the engine roar!!! Life is to short, enjoy it!!!!!


1) Purchase a used engine 2ar fe from a wreckers -$1200


2) Purchase a 6 speed manual transmission from wreckers – $800


3) Purchase a 1 ar fe crankshaft from Toyota – $ 600



4) Purchase ACT Flywheel – $286



ACT Clutch Kit for 399ft/lbs of torque – $367



Custom APR Head Studs and Main Studs – $199



Custom Piston Set for 10.0.1 Compression – $649



Strong Connecting Rods – $372



5) Build motor in the garage with all current parts. break in motor and install Fall of 2016. Dyno and see where HP Rating is at. Take to the strip to test out and make decision on turbo or no turbo.


6) Purchase Dezod Turbo. Seems to be best turbo on the market for a complete bolt on setup -$4800


OS Giken LSD – $1600 (Gotta be able to put that power to the wheels nicely)


7) Tear apart car and install turbo kit and lsd. Should be able to do most myself. However will need tune and dyno pulls. Probably could run easily 9 -13 psi so comfortably Yielding  275 – 350 Hp – $500


8) Take it to the track and test out to see where we stand on the 1/4. If at this point I want to go further then we move on to exhaust.


9) Custom Turbo Back Exhaust. Increase hp easily. Looking at a high cost though – $1500. Maybe a 10-20 Hp increase.


10) Back to the shop for a tune and dyno pulls. Hopefully built up a relationship with shop and won’t cost as much.  – $150


11)Take it to the track and test out to see where we stand on the 1/4. I’d stop here!!!


This is just a simple break down of what I could do. There are many options though and I shouldn’t just look at this. For now this is something that I can think about for now and weight my options as they come.


Which way am I going to go? I just don’t know. Like I keep saying you have to keep following me to see just how this this journey turns out!!

Thanks for following me!!


Drive safe



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