So Many Choices

As you grow older you learn new things, you also get the opportunity to see just how decisions you have made or are about to make can affect your life in the present but also in the future. Sometimes you realize that even though you made mistakes, it was those mistakes that ended up helping you build the future that you are now living and enjoying.


I, at a young age, decided that purchasing a house was something I wanted to do. At the age of 22 I purchased a house with,at the time my girlfriend, and now wife.


That passion for cars was there, however not as large as it is right now at this stage in my life. A house is a big commitment and requires constant upkeep, attention and money. That’s right MONEY. While many individuals my age were either renting or living at home with mom and dad, I was out on my own paying my mortgage, property taxes and all necessary bills that owning a house comes with. I was grown up!


To this day I see individuals in their early 20’s driving done up cars, just like many 20 somethings did in my hay day. It seems that  many start modifying cars at a young age. It doesn’t matter if they bought them on their own, or had mom and dad purchase them or even Grandma or Grandpa. They were experiencing something that I missed out on because I was so invested in my house and career. Having all my earnings go towards the house and not into a cool ride along with the many hours in a week I would work, I never had the time and or money to experience car modding! Looking back at it, I am not upset that I didn’t get to experience the excitement of car mods or driving fast, however, it is now becoming more apparent that I would really like to feel some form of those experiences I missed out on.


I am at a different stage in my life now. Grounded and established in my career with many responsibilities, I am also experiencing this uncontrollable desire to MOD, LEARN BUILD and DRIVE! So what does that really mean? I don’t know.


Everyday I think about the next kind of car I’d like to purchase, find, begin a project of some sort of on. Don’t get this confused with my restoration of my 1976 Pontiac Le Mans. That project is an “In Memory” build to my father and not the build that I feel am missing in my life right now. The Le Mans is a special project and something that is going to take some time and has a totally different meaning.


I am searching for something different, challenging, exciting, aggressive something BOLD. At first I wanted to build up my new bought 2012 Scion tC but I am quickly figuring out that maybe just maybe that is not the road I should be going down. Don’t get me wrong I love the car however for the same price or even less I could find something else to build up, modify, tear down and rebuild, improve on and tinker with without compromising my daily driver.


So where does that leave me? Well in a really interesting spot. Money isn’t really burning a hole in my pocket, neither is the urge to go fast. Getting to feel the rumble of 400hp or experience the feeling of being thrown back into my seat by 375ft lbs of torque will be great someday but I need to figure out how I am going to get there. Trust me I would love nothing more than to rip down the track and run 11’s in a build, but I have to be realistic. I have to keep those urges at bay until I figure out just what it is I want.


The biggest and most challenging thing for me is buying a car that will not only fill that void but will also satisfy the urge I am feeling, all while making me showcase just what I am capable of doing. I can’t just go out and buy something that I might not be totally 100% happy with. That would be a really stupid thing to do. There is one thing I know for sure, that is I am not going to satisfy any of those feelings by purchasing a 400hp rocket that is already done for me. Not only is that not what I am looking for, it’s not what I need. I need to find something that without a shadow of a doubt is the car for me and that is a feat in and of itself.


Looking at older style of imports, there are many that I wouldn’t mind. Form Nissan’s to Mitsubishi’s to Toyota’s there are many makes to choose from. Which one is right for me? Well that is the million dollar question because I have no Fucking clue. You got Evo’s, 300’s, Skylines, RX-7’s, Supras, Silvias, Wrx’s I could go on……What one should I get? Maybe you can help me?


At the end of the day what I end up getting is going to be different. It will be something you don’t see to much of and it will be a car that makes you look twice and shout out ” That’s a cool car man!”


I hope that you follow me on this journey I am on. It is going to be an interesting ride, that is for sure. How is it going to turn out?  We will have to wait and see.


Remember cars are great, but also expensive. With high horsepower comes great knowledge and also responsibility. So much can go wrong, so much can break and lots of money might need to be spent to fix it. Are you prepared for that? Am I ready for that? Follow me and find out if I am!!!!!!


Drive Safe!




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