4 Reasons for the tC

If you read my post on why I bought my tC than you have been waiting for this post for some time. Well here it is. If you haven’t you should check it out before you read this one. Go here www.acarguysgarage.com first………


Here are 4 reasons why I bought my tC……….


1 – Completeness

This car has everything that I need for the most part right now in my life. Style, accessories, functionality and space. The one little thing missing was horsepower. With only a 180 ponies it’s not a fast car, but it is a fun and peppy car to drive so it was a little bit of a compromise on my end. You will have to stay tuned to read my article on how I am going to fix that problem though………….

It has the “Room to Grow.” When you first see the car all you see are two doors. It has left many wondering if I were to start a family why would I buy a 2 door…..well that is simple. I wanted this car, so I bought this car. Shortly after we bought the car we went for a drive down to the local Toys R Us. Grabbed the biggest stroller and baby seat combo and tested it out in the car. Well GOLLY it fits. Open up the hatch and a huge trunk is on showcase.  Not only is there still ample room in the trunk but the baby seat fits behind the passenger side seat and also behind my driver seat, without me having to move it. No comfort given up here.  Just the perfect combination!




Yes it is. Getting a 30lb baby and seat in and out will be a challenge, but, have no fear my muscles are here. I do maintain a lifestyle of working out/bodybuilding so I think I will be alright in the department of seat removal and install. Will it be a pain in the ass sometimes, yeah I am sure it will, however I am not going to let 2 doors deter me away from getting something that I want. If this is the only sacrifice I need to make in my life well I am doing much better than all of you who are currently reading this. Sacrifice and compromise are two huge challenges in life and we all have to get used to it. This is mine sacrifice/compromise what are all of yours?


2 – Value w/ Quality

Scion is an off shoot of Toyota. I drove a 2005 Toyota Matrix for 10 years. 355000km+ later the car is still going strong, for the most part. I replaced the clutch after 329,000km, the radiator and one strut. Besides that the car has been AWESOME. The usual brake jobs were done along with oil changes all the time and rad fluid changes, but that’s it. I did have an accident where the hood opened on me and caused some damage but I don’t attribute that to the cars quality or value.

How does that relate to the value and quality of a Scion, well its simple, it’s an offshoot company that uses many of the same parts as Toyota does. Hell, there are many parts on the tC that clearly say “TOYOTA” on them. With these many similarities and also the experience I had with my Matrix the decision was easy on why I would buy another TOYOTA brand vehicle.


3 – Price Point

I’m not going to lie; I could have bought a more expensive car. I didn’t though. For a car that came in with a price tag of $17,000 all in and with a 60,000km warranty on top it was just a clear and smart decision on my end I think. Yes, I could have bought an older style vehicle with more bells and whistles for cheaper, but without that “peace of mind” warranty for the future and the reliability of a low KM car I just think it would have been a poor decision on my behalf.

Plus with all the financial responsibilities that I am tied to currently owning a car like this for the price I am paying was just down right one of the smartest decisions I could have made. With the extra $300 or so I have chosen to not spend on a car and am choosing to invest, my ROI is phenomenal and in no time I will be able to maybe purchase another “Toy”  in the future that further suits not only my needs but can also scratch off my many wants that I would like in a car.


4 – Looks

At the end of the day my car just looks down right SEXY. With the way the sun shines off of it and the clean lines and stance I can’t help but smile every time I see my car. Plus the damn thing is bright yellow. It stands out just like me and my personality. The car catches your eye as it rolls down the road and it always brightens your day when people point, stare, give the thumbs up, shout “Nice Car” and/or smile when they see it. That is a feeling that money just can’t buy. To have the ability to do that with something like a car is a great feeling and if even for a second it makes someone’s day a little bit better, well I am glad and happy that it did.


That is it in a nut shell.

I would close out this post with something cool or sly to say but I won’t.

Drive Safe and Have Fun!




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