Boys and their toys! A rant about doing what you want.

Growing up as a child we all had our own toys. However as we grew older we slowly began to move on from them and eventually they became just a fond memory.  For a select few of us though having toys at an older age is very much possible and not a “Dream” as many individuals have fallen into believing.


I can dream can’t I?


We all have to grow up. We go to school, to only get full time jobs, fall in love, start a family buy a house and only reminisce about the “good old times”, so it would seem.  This is one area I strongly feel that every person out there should not have to live with. Don’t reminisce, go out there and get yourself a new toy and older “Adult” toy. For some of you reading this give your head a shake and get your mind out of the gutter will ya!!!!


Just because we are all getting older, taking on more responsibilities in life, have so many commitments does not give anyone the right to not live a happy and fulfilling life. Something as simple as a “FUN” car or a “Project” car could just be what the doctor order and can help fill that void that you have right now in your life. Cause guess what, you know that you do!


But I’m to busy!!


I’m not telling you if you go out and get yourself a $50,000 car that you are going to be happy, what I am suggesting is channelling those feelings you have and put them into something you are passionate about. For me it is cars and old childhood toys, which eBay sellers are making a killing off of me every day, but for yourself it may be something totally different. Whatever it is go out there and find it.


I hear many stories of dreams people once had that they can’t make happen now, or passions they apparently had to give up because they are married now or the vacation they can’t take because they don’t have the time and or money. This is all a complete crock of shit. Sorry it is. I feel that no matter what your situation is there is always time for “YOU”. There is always time to do those things that you wanted to do or would still like to do. You just have to be willing and able to commit to doing them.





The fault always lies within you and only you. To take the easy road out and blame your situation or others is just downright lame and you should be ashamed of yourself for doing so. If you want something go out there and get it. Make the sacrifices you need to make personally and don’t blame others for not being able to achieve even the most simplest of goals. Don’t be that guy at family functions that’s always saying what they could have done if their situation was different, blah blah blah. Be the person that can prove to others by doing what they thought couldn’t be done. Make your dreams a reality, not a fantasy that you have as you look into the sky, while sitting on the couch or as you close your eyes at night.


We are all still kids deep down inside and every once in a while we should let that child out to play. Like I said earlier for me its my cars and my old childhood toys. Whatever it is for you go out there and get it! Make the changes, talk to your friends/family about it. Come up with a game plan that will help you accomplish it. Just do something. Please don’t continue on living life just as it is and being content with that. There will come a point in time in your life that you will no longer have the ability to achieve those goals or even poses the physical ability to do so and all you will be left with is the knot in your stomach knowing that you failed to achieve what could have been your greatest achievement in life, only because you were to scared or worried what others would think.


Only you can change YOU!


You can do it! It can be done! I’m not afraid of failing! I’m going to succeed! Anyway you want to put it. You just have to want it. I know I do. I also know that I WILL. So what if I fail…….At least I will know that I tried, I attempted to do something that others thought was impossible, stupid and even lame.


This is my life and it is your life! Now go out there and get your shit together, and make those dreams a reality.


I know I am…….but will you?





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