Hi there. My name is Zenon and I would like to welcome you to my site!

This site was created for all the Car Guys out there who share the same passion as I do.

Throughout it there will be information on my current builds and projects and it will also be packed with other goodies!

Who Am I?

Well to start off I am a Car Guy.

I am and man behind all the posts, pictures, fab creations Everything to do with this site.

I work Full Time as an Executive Chef at a Private Girls school. My work week usually consists of 60hrs and I love what I do.


Other Hobbies

Like everyone else I have other things I do besides working on cars and going to work.

I am also a Classical Guitarist (Go figure right) and I also love working out. Both these passions were set back after a freak Torn Bicep injury on 2015 however I am recovering from that nicely.

I love CFL Football and just tossing the pig skin around too.

Full time husband and son and landlord on top of that. My life definitely isn’t boring


Future Projects

I am a 2JZ GTE fan boy so I have to say a Supra. That’s one of the dream cars for me. More realistically though it’ll probably be building a Rat Rod of some sort with my wife. Mind you I have to finish the Pontiac LeMans and Scion tC first!!


So there you go. A little info about who I am and what I like doing.

I will leave you with this


“You have only failed if you haven’t tried!”






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