Custom Fab Shop

Crafted By Zenon Matusiak

Each and every item is handcrafted by me without the assistance of any CNC machining. With this ability creating something completely one of a kind is not only possible but can be done quickly as well! I believe that making something by hand still means something and that having that ability means that your item is and always will be truly Custom.

Car Enthusiast

Here at ACARGUYSGARAGE.COM creating shift knobs and accessories isn’t my only passion. I am currently building a project car which I’ve named #project2jztc. My passion for the automotive industry runs deep and it shows in each project I do!

Customer Satisfaction!

Each and every step of the process is handled by me and only me. From responding to emails and messages, to making your shift knob and also powder coating them, from even boxing and shipping. Each step along the way is done by me Zenon Matusiak.I pride myself on customer satisfaction and it shows!